Interview with the Composer Alessio Miraglia:

(Interview released by Tim Brown) 

Album Free-Download at: www.alessiomiraglia.com

When did you start composing – and what or who were your early passions and influences?

I started composing before I knew what composing was.  I always had tunes going around in my head that I was sort of reconfiguring. I was always doing it but didn’t realize that it was something called composing. It was almost a subconscious thing that I became aware I’d been doing, much later on.

In terms of influences I can say some name: Tom Waits, Queen. David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, Cliff Edwards, Edoardo Bennato, Sufjan Stevens, Eddie Vedder, Kent, Wagner, Lotti, Morricone, Danny Elfman, Twentyone Pilots.. a lot of new people every day contributes to my musical growth.

What do you personally consider to be incisive moments in your work and/or career?

The first one is to have studied with my band mates Follow the Mad, Magnolia Bianca, Violane and Maestro Antonio Pantaneschi. This was a big deal for me because we were all such brilliant music thinkers. I had never encountered anyone like them before.

The second is when I started to do my own records. Having already done a lot of composing, playing as a performer and other things like that, recording Whisper of the Rain & Motel Noir, and play and mix them with my friend and outstanding sound engineer Tim Starnes , were major turning points for me.

What are currently your main compositional challenges?

I don’t really know. Composing for me is a bit like an obsessive compulsive disorder in and I do it all the time. The main challenge would simply be to remain true…and play and record and compose everything I want! no boundaries, no limits.

There are incredible stories behind your new work “Motel Noir” can you tell us something about it ?

This album started as a kind of experiment in composition. I composed and recorded all the songs in “Motel Noir” outdoor in some the most beautiful and inspiring places in the world (Grand Canyon – Malibu – Antelope Canyon – New York – Boston -lake Powell – Joshua Tree – Zion National park – Getty Museum in Los Angeles – Rome – Paris – Nevada – Historical route 66 – etc)

Equipped of only a good Mac laptop, a sound card, microphone, a midi controller keypad, Pro Tools, I travelled through these wonderful “outdoor recording studios”:) I have been very lucky to be able to record in open spaces and catch the wind, the cries of children playing, people talking, the sounds of nature, the rain, the steps on the sand .. or on gravel or grass … every sound every little noise is part of the composition .

While composing and recording these songs, I got an idea that no one has ever had before and that turned this album into something incredible. I was able to engage with people and musicians that I have never personally met by connecting with them via the social media Facebook or Twitter…exploiting the Internet network.

I posted an ad to be contacted by anyone who was interested to be part of this project. That’s it, every song was performed and arranged by many different musicians from all around the world, from Brazil to Lebanon, through the United States, Europe and Australia. In this album I wanted to show that it is possible to stop thinking in terms of geographical, religious and cultural differences.. the only thing that remains is the music and the union to create and play together. A record that has broken down the differences. and it combines the culture and passion.

This is why You titled this work “Motel Noir” ?

Every song represents a different place I visited and I wanted the other musicians and the eventual listeners to be part of this journey. After every trip we rest in a cheap motel, drinking whisky and thinking about what we lived and where we are going to go next…

Why Noir?

Because the album atmospheres recall the typical atmosphere of the genre Noir movies.

We had an early listening of your album and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the composition and the sound and your excellent guitar skills, would you define yourself mostly as a composer or as a guitar player?

Thank you, I am happy you enjoyed it. I would define myself as a composer, I am definitely not a guitar player. I do not practice and study guitar as much as real guitarists do. I love playing every instruments at my best but I am well aware of my limitations.

What are your future plans or projects?

I would like to complete and see my musical La Magnolia Bianca on the stage . To continue producing my ukulele and “undefined experimental” projects and, most of all, to keep composing music for TV and movies.