Inborn Voice – A Voice Makeover is always possible

Inborn Voice – A Voice Makeover is always possible

Inborn Voice is a completely new voice training method, created in Italy the early 90’s by Milena Origgi and just arrived into the United States. Milena is the first vocal coach in the world that has gained the official title of “Topic Expert” in Communication from the UCSC International University. And this is only the most recent of her achievements.

She started her career by creating the Inborn Voice Training method, something totally different from the traditional approach were a student learn near a piano repeating vocalizations.
Her method has proven to be so effective that she has very quickly become one of the most renowned vocal coaches of Italy and Europe.
Her career has taken her to stand out Internationally in an industry dominated by a teaching method created many centuries before the invention of microphone and voice amplification.

Milena pioneered voice coaching online over 15 years ago, offering voice lesson over Internet to students in the United States, Australia, Africa, Russia, the Arabia Peninsula, and the rest of the world. She was also among the first vocal coaches to present her work with a free smarthpone App.

Milena presently lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts, and continues to offer online lessons, seminars and master-classes all over the world, traveling to her studios in Milano (Italy), Cambridge (U.K.) and Boston (U.S.).
Today she is affectionately referred to by her students around the world as Mylena “The Voice Guru”.

Inborn Voice is a training method able to retune and realign the voice. Milena has a unique gift for unlocking the inner voice of her students. Her clients video testimonial, available through her free App, show that everyone can reach, without effort or strains, even better result than expected and nothing seems impossible for the Inborn Voice method.

In this video, created for the spring semester ’17 of the Communication Skill course of the UCSC University, Milena explains how poor communication skills can result in missed opportunities in life, as well as professional and personal frustrations and failures. She explains that most of the time, when someone doesn’t reach the expected result with family, friends, loved ones or at work, it’s because is missing the full voice potential.

People aren’t even aware of the social importance of the voice and that is really easy to get a better one, especially when you don’t like your voice. The Inborn Voice method also helps students to open up energetically through the medium of voice.
A complete voice makeover is always possible to anyone willing to learn how to tap into the hidden power of voice and finally find his own voice.

Inborn Voice is a registered trademark

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