Matter of Perspective Live in New York

Matter of Perspective Live in New York

On Sunday, Sept 3, 7:30pm at PIANOS

158 Ludlow St.

The show  will take the audience
on a magical path through time, music & art.
…It is not very often that audiences get to see a visual artist at work, from start to finish. 
Equally rare are the artists who are willing to share that process with a live audience.
Add the element of having the ears entertained at the same time, and it is a sensory experience that audiences find irresistible…

AM (Alessio Miraglia): Guitar & Ambient
Matt Johnson: Voice & Acustic Guitar
Wes Hill: Piano. Synth & add. Percussion
Carl Puglisi: Percussion

Live Painting by the Visual Artist : Fotini Christophillis
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