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We meet with the Founder of the Griffiths brand, Lewis Griffiths who chats to us about what influences and drives him and what’s in store for the future…
When Griffiths-Clothing launched the range was based on early British fashion which is highly regarded as the pinnacle of style and design. The clothes of the time were no longer run of the mill items and as such were becoming an identity and a reflection of a personality. The record side of the business launched in 2016, in the same year they released their first book. 2018 brings the possibilty of a film which lifts the profile of the brand yet again. –

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(Interview by Tim Brown)


1-Why did you start a record label?

We launched a clothing label a few years back, we feel music and clothes are as one. It goes without saying, people generally dress to whatever music scene they are in to. I have a huge love of music, so it made sense to do it.

2-Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Why does it have to be a famous musician to admire them, I don’t agree with the question? You have to admire any musician/bands that continues to plug away for the love of their craft regardless of being famous.

3-You are influenced by old artists/records. Which ones?

I wouldn’t know where to start? It can depend on my mood as to what I listen to. I was brought up on all the greats the list would be endless.

4-Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CD’s?

Man, seriously again the list would be endless.

5-What is epitomizes a good song?

A track that you can listen to over and over again and you never tire of it. A good track that stands the test of time will never age, it will always sound as good as the day it was recorded, one that triggers the soul.

6-Let’s talk about your new release, King Tubby?

Yeah that will be our next release, there is no official release date as yet but it will be within the next couple of months. 

7- You also have other artists, tell us about them? 

We have a number unheard tracks by Bob Marley, Jackie Mittoo, King Stitt, Augustus Pablo, additional King Tubby tracks, plus other artists. It is going to be a real labour of love as they all need mastering, validating, we want to going through them with a fine tooth comb with the artists estates too. We won’t release anything without doing the tracks justice. Having a love of early Jamaican music I count us very lucky indeed.

8- How many tracks do you have?

If we release 4 albums a year we have enough for the next 5 years, possibly more. 

9- How do you feel about the internet in the music business?

We get asked this question a lot, so we all know it is bang out of order. As I have said before, paying 99c for a track that has cost a band 30k to produce an LP is fuckin day light robbery. 

10- You are not a fan of social media are you?

I couldn’t give a shit about it, it’s a nonsense. The world has gone mad, they all like to blow smoke up each other’s arse. I get a business using it as a marketing tool, celebrities/bands using it to interact with their fans etc. I can also understand women taking selfies and posting it, a woman should be told she looks beautiful but grown men pulling off their best look and sticking out for all of sundry, fuck right off. It’s embarrassing I wouldn’t want to show my kids up by doing it. And all this business of taking a photo of your food, fuck me, is that how dull people’s lives have become? For a change why not post about a charity instead of your own self importance. Saying that Instagram is alright, they seem an educated bunch. I like it that you can hash tag like minded people into posts. Facebook is full of the look at me, look at me brigade. Each to their own!

11- What are the plans for the future?

Cracking on doing what we do. We have the music that we’ll be releasing this year, there are books that will be published too, a new clothing range as well as the possibility of a couple of films. All info can be found at Instagram, griffithsclothing Twitter, griffclothing and Facebook, griffiths records/books.

12- How you have evolved as a brand since you first launched?

How have we evolved, read the answer to question 11. We are all working class, I think we connect well with the people from the streets, they see us as one of them, which we are, they identify with us and what we do. Well, I hope that’s the case. I think it is also about not sitting still, hence starting up a record label, releasing books and looking into films. As soon as you rest on your laurels you’re fucked. I don’t think you can stop evolving ever, I certainly wouldn’t want to. 

13- What is a normal day like, what have you done today for instance?

Most days are flat out, just as I like it. I like to keep myself busy, too much time on my hands can get out of hand. What have I done today? Being a Sunday I done a few hours grafting, then went down the curry house for something to eat and a couple of pints with my old man.

14- Before we finish-up is there anything else you would like to add?

No not really apart from thanks in taking the time to interview us, much appreciated.

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