Ziggy Il Tuo Rumore (feat.Ghimmo)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In terms of vocals, Ziggy melody is littered with delicate ornamentation, and melismatic phrases and the feat. of Ghimmo is simply something beautiful.

Ghimmo is an impressive rapper, with a dynamic spoken word voice. He leans into his signature flows with reverberating vigor while always remaining gracefu, and for an Italian Rapper is really unique.

There is a subtle contrast within note lengths to exploit both Ziggy delicate voice and intimately breathless phrases. He is wholly in control of the sound and what amazing sound! We need to write a special note for the amazing quality people who work in the production behind Ziggy… what incredible job in the Mix & Mastering.

Prod by ZIGGY

Voci registrate @FATSOUND studio by Matteo Gasparini

Mix @FATSOUND studio by Matteo Gasparini

Master by Alessio Miraglia

Regia: Silvio Tufanari

Direttore della fotografia: Diego Buonanno

Assistente: Valeria Zanetti

Trucco: Veronica Laghi