Absoloot feat.The Captain

The dynamic duo of Absoloot and The Captain collaborate once again to bring the perfect blend of hip-hop and spoken word to life. The Captain gives The Real Ones the perfect introduction by expressing the importance of being original in a way that only he can. Before you know it Absoloot is chiming in with a catchy chorus which perfectly blends into his lyrical rhyme schemes. If real lyrical hip-hop is what you’ve been missing The Real Ones will definitely fill that void.

The Captain was born in Mendocino County California and raised in South Florida. He grew up in a family that loved music and poetry both written and spoken word. In 2005 he was a part of launching Absoloot his brother rap career from behind the scenes and has been working that way for over 10 years. He also has worked as professional DJ/MC for the last 6 years with a degree in Broadcasting. He also currently manages a full service Media company. Recently Absoloot asked The Captain for a political piece that focuses on fake news and the media and The Truth was born. The Captain has been writing poetry and music for years but now is the time to let his unique voice and perspective of the world speak. In the words of The Captain “I am the truth; the true truth”. Look forward to some incredible art in the near future.

Absoloot” is not just a recording artist and a powerful speaker, he is also a self-made social media professional. Using Myspace back in 2005 to promote himself and his record label “As I Am Records,” Absoloot’s popularity grew quickly as he received over 3.1 million views and garnered over 50,000 fans. His early success was recognized by VIO Mobile as he was offered a ring tone deal with sales over 150,000 digital downloads in 35 different countries!
Absoloot licensed 7 songs to Don King on two separate occasions, all of which were to be used for the promotion of two high profile fights in 2006, including James Toney vs Samuel Peters. He was invited to attend the 2009 Grammy’s for his album “My Way,” and was even recognized by The BMA’s (Billboard Music Awards) for his songwriting accomplishments for his hit track “1031.” Two songs from the “My Way” album were selected by Sony for usage in PlayStation video games. In the same year Absoloot won runner up in the International Songwriting Competition with an incredible ranking of 4th out of 1,500!
Absoloot’s list of accomplishments continued to expand when in 2012, The Huffington Post featured the video for “99 Percent” as the theme song for the “Occupy Wall Street Movement”. The videos for “99 Percent” and “Watch Your Words received 1st place awards in monthly competitions for JeeJuh.com, an online production company. Absoloot placed 2nd for his track “They Don’t Hear Me” with Jee Juh as well. He has a top selling album, an EP and 2 singles.