Is Atune a given nickname or self made moniker?

It is a name that has developed over the last few years. Originally I was using my name but I wanted to separate the artistic entity and have more freedom. It means being without tune. For me, it represents being a vessel for the power of music. I do not own it, it moves through me.

What is the inspiration behind the name of your new album?

Soul Tone is about the colors, shades and tones of emotion. Sadness, joy, anger etc. have such different qualities. It’s all about the music we create as we experience and live through our emotions.

Pros and cons of being an independent artist in today’s market?

I love the freedom of having all the creative control. But, I find it is a double sided sword. I often feel overwhelmed trying to wear all the hats and make it all happen.

When does the Bottleneck tour begin and is it all new territory for you?

LA to Seattle and back. It is a similar route I traveled last year but I’m playing with a lot of musicians I made freinds with last year. And I’ll also be traveling with my wonderful bassist Pablo. I’ve been solo the last 3 years so really excited for a duo experience.

Who are your top inspirations in music?

I am so into Stevie wonder and Quincy Jones right now. My taste shifts a lot. But super heavy hitters for me will always be Radiohead and the chili peppers.

If you were not a musician what profession would you have chosen?

I also do massage therapy and both my parents are nurses so something in the medical field. I’ve very interested in kinesiology so maybe physical therapist.

Describe your live shows for our readers.

This year I’m doing drums, keys, guitar, bass and a looping pedal. I try to mix dynamics between high energy and smooth and soothing. I really strive for a journey for my audience. Improv and being in the moment is a pivotal part of my live show.

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Insta: atuneofficial

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Twitter: atuneofficial

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