Chris Keya

Chris Keya is a musician and producer from the city of love, Rome, Italy. Starting his musical path as a guitarist and contributing work to various bands, Chris Keya would eventually turn his ambitions toward a career and production and would shortly begin pursuing his love for funk and r&b music. Releasing the EP Drifting in 2016, Chris Keya would combine a variety of tropical and prog house sounds to create a statement of a project, and would be critically praised because of it. Chris would spend time DJing for an abundance of local clubs in his scene, and he even garnered the opportunity to DJ for the Milan Fashion Week as well as curating and producing a soundtrack for the iStore app “Keesy”. As time moved on, Chris Keya would continue to take on the popular emerging sounds in music, and set his focus on a more trap and r&b style with his music, and this can be especially felt in his latest single, “Princess Fallen”.

Chris Keya’s new single, “Princess Fallen” features majestic vocals from singer songwriter Allexia, floating over dark and trap infused keys and party dripped synthesizers. The clean and booming production from Chris Keya acts as a velvet underline to Allexia’s silky singing and the duo come through with a satisfying and fully fleshed out song. As a result of Chris Keya’s efforts, he’s begun earning looks from major labels and continues writing music with major stars to this day.

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