Cole Godd

“Get the chills when I call ha, she damn near got the Cole Fever” a song that will give you the goosebumps. The delivery, flow, beat, sound, that will put you in a whole different mood. Cole Godd, born and raised out of Chicago, IL has been around music as a kid (90s) and was quite an entertainer; dancing, singing, rapping, and writing. Having taken his music serious since late 2014, he been developing and progressing as an artist. He’s been performing locally in his Chicago city at showcases and focuses on cultivating his sound. This is not your ordinary artist; someone who has the voice of both rapping/trap singing. Chicago is known for trap music, but this guy brings in a whole different taste: streets, pain, love, and faith. Hip-Hop/R&B is his main avenue, where he hopes to connect with people through his music and change the game. Cole just released his Mixtape EP “Cole Fever” with the hit single, Cole Fever. If you’re looking for something that’ll give you the chills, Cole Fever is it!

Insta: Colegoddofficial

Twitter: Therealcolegodd