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Hot Dizzy’s Melodious Tune in ‘Hood Low’ will mesmerize Your Mood

Hot Dizzy has set the mood of the fans with unique tracks. Once you tune into his ‘Hood Low’, its vocal will hit with an unmatchable form of hip hop to your ears.

Unlike other singers, Hot Dizzy is ready to entertain his audiences with back-to-back new melodious hip hop tracks. His music evolves with certain feel and it will surely blow the mind of those who love listening to hip hop beats. Right now, the singer is working on a new track ‘Hood Low’. Here, he has introduced a unique soundscape that you can get nowhere else. The constant drum beats are perfectly fused with skilful lyricism of the artist. The opening riffs of the song are truly mesmerizing. Moreover, the track effectively incorporates the mellow ambiance of hip hop and rap.

The leading vocal performance has also come up with a new direction. Additionally, its down-tempo is undeniably confident and classically arranged throughout the song. Hot Dizzy has always dreamt of putting Indianapolis on the map and makes it famous in terms of music. And his recent music releases has shown that he somehow has succeeded in achieving the goal. The lyricism, snippets of the song and melody that flows throughout the single will overwhelm a listener. Even if you found yourself in a low mood, Hot Dizzy’s amazing creation will help you to boost it up.

‘Hood Low’ gives something to its vibes from the offset. If you carefully tune into this melody in repetition, you will soon understand that this song has a lot to offer you. Heavy intensity of the opening beats comes up with the unpredictable flow of rhythm. Lyrics that he has fused in the single ‘Hood Low’ is completely new and uncommon that has a grip to give a fresh finish to the song. The emotion of the song varies from one stanza to another. The singer has also delivered a passion and modern instrumentation to his new hip hop blend.

This music is more about those individuals, who have experienced struggle in their life. No job, no money can lead a person towards the dark end. So, Hot Dizzy is here to motivate them all and let them understand why they must turn up their head to live a life of their choice. This song delivers a message that even if you don’t have money or job, you don’t have to rob or work with illegal companions. You have all the capabilities to live a peaceful life and enjoy it in an honest manner.

Apart from ‘Hood Low’, Hot Dizzy has also made some more contribution to the world of hip hop and rap. His ‘Tick Tock’ delivers a high pace of rhythm, ‘My Life’ gives the complete essence of hip hop, and ‘Sleepin On Me’ and ‘Fake Nigga’ are one of his best releases in soundcloud. Stay tuned to this hot guy to experience more amazing tracks in near future.

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About : Joshua “Hot Dizzy” Miller was born in Great Lakes, Illinois until he moved to Indianapolis, Indiana at a young age. Today, he writes hip hop/rap music.His finished music is on Youtube and Soundcloud, and he is currently working on his first Album titled Handle Ur Biz.

Hot dizzy isn’t about the false representation of himself. He is authentic and his lyrics reflect things from his own personal experience. His main focus is his music and career. In addition to wanting to put Indianapolis on the map, Hot dizzy wants his music be an inspiration to all listeners.

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