Hot Dizzy

Music is really an amazing kind of thing which almost everyone likes. The year 2017 has been a great time for singers with their songs getting massive response. The great rap musician Hot Dizzy has arrived with his exotic song “Sleepin on me”. The soft flow he makes with synthesizer, drum will mesmerise your mind. The song has incredible kind of reverb. His song has driving emotion and the accompaniment of his melodious voice will drive you mad. His music is merged with some ecstatic element which makes Hot Dizzy a superb rapper.

“Sleepin on me” is one of the high technological rapper Hot Dizzy. The Indianapolis star has received his influence from Bob Marley and you will find the essence in his transformative music. The consistent beat in his “Sleepin on me” will create a magical mood. The song has received massive response due to the fantastic sound mixing. The deep rooted feeling through which Hot Dizzy has composed the song will go deep down to your nerves.

He writes his own music and people will like to hear him. The high pumped up energy and the superb reverb will make everyone crave for him. He breathes and lives in hip hop and he wants himself to be described as the king of rap. His unmatchable rhythm has the quality to entertain everyone. After you will hear his new music, you will be totally influenced. The hypnotic kind of stylish music will make everyone feel wonderful. The powerful anthem is crazy.


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