Interview with Matteo Arcucci

Matteo Arcucci is Born in Corsica in 1987, since he was 10 years old ,Don Diego as calls by his friends , always had an influence towards the electronic music and clubbing culture ! start 17 years he intensively attended the greatest Party and the most known city from Europa.
He belongs also as the Underground culture and remains a simple person of idea, he cultivates a very strong influence of the music and the electronic music production , he referred has labels of House house like Planete E, Azuli ,hOOJ RECORDS ,Ellum and INTECH for taste more techno . He takes as a starting point the sound of the dj like MAW, Carl Craig ,Laurent Garnier , and more recently with LocoDice and Maceo Plex  it is from 2003 that Matteo is committed in his career as performing Dj
he has played in many place and different venue from europa like …
Touch club Bern ,Terminal Club Bern , MissBern Official Dj 2015, Secret Room Milano , Alice Shoo (Zurich) ,BLOK ( Zurich ) Resident Stairs Club for His own Brand Flowerbird collaboration EVENT with JonRundell Uk(Intech)
GuyJ Isr (BedRock) Pfirter Ar (Clr) ,
Dj Anna Br(Tronic)
Terence Fixmer ,Fr(CLR/PlaneteRouge)
Yousef Uk (Circus) Carlo Lio Ca (SCI+TEC) HARVARD BASS (SCI+TEC)
BunteBumler (CecileRecords)Robert Babicz (DE,BedRock),Monoloc (DE CLR )
Ramiro Lopez (Suara/BedRock)Brian Sanhaji(CLR DE),Coyu(Suara,Sp),MarkFanciulli ( Saved,Uk)

Resident Bm1Club Bern 2016

Producer for different récords like Groovalicious with 4 Release EP on 2016

INTERVIEW (by: Tim Brown)

1-When and why did you start playing?

I started to Spinn in Corsica (France ) in 2003 -2004 i was 16-17years , i was passioned by djing and music and the underground movement . I started play when 2 years after to lost father it was a good thing for forgot the past ..i was always passioned by the dance music , my Uncle was radio Speaker , he has always give some compilation and records from Dance music and Techno , some youngs Fathers friend was also many Fan from House and techno and we have always listening IN THE CAR artist like Dimitri From Paris , Paul Johnson , St germain Music ,Daft Punk ect.

2-Why did you choose to play this kind of music?

I have always love the bass and big room Music with quick beat ,When i was child , i have never hear Child music or Disney MUSIC. Since i am 6 year i listen ance music or Disco 80s , my Familly has worked always in the animation during the summer show animation for Event ,my Uncle was radio talent it rocked my childhood , this music is realy quick gone in my hearth . i was fascined always to see the people dancing in the club on this music , after this i was always project with the beat to want do the same at all dj to give the feeling from my Hearth on inside the mixer and impart at the public .

3-Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Santana & Sergio are my favorit artist , because they are artist with music timeless , They succeeded to mixed the music and the culture Latin with a all music mingled , my grand ma was always mega fan from him also for this . for me they a is my favorit in Electronic music I have big respect for Erik Morillo & Danny Tennaglia what they have do for the music in 90s 2000 years .

4-How has your music evolved since you first began playing music?

Oh thats nice question…. for 3 first year i have playing house music. The quality from the commercial house was realy good on this time. From 2003 to2006 , was the good year from Azuli records ,Subliminall records ,Defected for the part more tribal and my playlist was real fresh music and cool beats ….in 2006 i discover theMinimal and Techno. I discover the Italy and the night life and the public was realy crazzy of this music , and i have starting to rave too . I playlisted many artist like Da Fresh , Agoria ,Mandy, the uk records music from Hooj Records ,and many another independant records . from this time i played a mixe from Deep “Techno and progressive , when i Made the name of Matteo Arcucci in 2014 , my direction was realy in the techno music .

5-Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones?

O yes many. espacialy Larry Levan , Cerrone the most Disco Sound of Italy and chicago house music, I have 3 olds records was realy its : Mr Fingers “Can You feel IT ,Hammilton Bohanon “Lets Starts the Dance(Part1), OST Midnight Express from Giorgio Moroder

6-Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CD’s?

I like realy Chemical brother are my favorit artist from my favorit Dj Producer are Nic Fanciulli and MAW, i am also many fan from ColdPlay …and my favorit cd is The Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole

7-Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV

Yes i play sometime in the club or Bar Lounge , i have radio show in Argentinian Radio, I already played in Italy ,Usa ,France ,Tunisia , Ukraine ,Austria …my main event are in Switzerland i was already 2 time resident from club in Zurich and Bern

8-Let’s Talk about your music and your last work!

I starting to produce 5 years ago …some loop and beat on my roland , i was many time in studio from a friend in Zurich that give me many inspiration for produce , i produce all part ofUnderground Techno , Deep , House ,Experimental. i ve already release 4 song so 3 ep On the records on Groovalicious Records , ive produce more at 20 track at my active i prepare a new Ep for this Winter that will be more Acid Techno .

9-What are the plans for the future?

I AM looking to play at the maximum in different  part of the world , i want to do a Maxi ep maybe with 7 tracks that is my idea for the future.