1.How many songs will be on your new album and what is the release date/ name of the record?
There will be 10 songs on the new album titled “Truth”, actual release date is undecided but it will be before the end of the month.
2. Your bio states that you are a producer at heart. Do you produce other artists as well as your own music? And is it difficult to produce your own creations?
Over the years, I produced several aspiring artist. Had a couple of label interest, but no one signed. I do produce my own music and I love the process because, I know where every part goes. My ears are the key.
3. Any recent studio upgrades or gear you prefer?
Yes , I have a Manley mic pre, which I will feature on my next album, “Prophecy”.
4. Most interesting story from the road or from a show so far?
I’ve performed as far away as Atlanta and the show was great but they didn’t advertise the show and the attendance was weak.
5. Do you write music from your own experience?
Yes, as well as the experience that other people share with me. However, most of the songs relate to current, everyday living.
6. How would you describe your live show?
My live show will be energetic. If you like to dance, you will. Also I will mix in a couple of the more cerebral type songs that will engage
other parts of your intellect.
7. Where can we buy the record?
We will have the album downloadable on the site, jcraiglive.com , Itunes, Amazon music, Google music , Spotify and other E – stores.

We appreciate your time JCraig 

No problem, JCraig always has rebuttal for the press, even though you might not always like what I have to say. But I cut to the chase and I will be honest and up-front always.

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