Kaveri & Prithvi Sai

Kaveri & Prithvi Sai, the most promising teenage talents from India are coming up with a progressive Festival Mix “DID YOU KNOW?”. The Remix version of Kaveri’s original version released in 2016, has already gained over 1 million plays on YouTube and was tweeted about by the top Bollywood actors. Trust us, this is just the beginning of this collaboration…
KAVERI, a 16 year old insanely talented singer, composer and Lyricist, has released Half a Heart this year, a few months back with Half Million Views and Did You Know? in 2016 with more than a Million views were instant hits on YouTube worldwide. She penned “Did You Know?” at the age of 11.
The best is yet to come with an official collab with Prithvi Sai, a 19 year old DJ from India, started Djing at the age of 10 in 2008, constantly at the cutting edge of Electronic Dance

His frequent releases in this one year, made him as a notable artist in the Global market. And to top things of, Kaveri & Prithvi Sai have decided to work on a collab together, in the wake of KAVERI’s sensational original “DID YOU KNOW?”, Prithvi Sai Festival Mix in Progressive Genre is a haunting smash hit, takes listeners on a journey like no other with an array of soothing tune with haunting vocals lend well to the hypnotic groove of the track is destined for crossover success around the globe!
The Lovable Lyrics and Vocals by Kaveri, are able to whip up any crowd. Prithvi Sai seamlessly weaved together the ground breaking musical elements into compositions and distilled it in Progressive style which makes it both dynamic and melodic just as powerful dance anthem, like his previous releases, which presents itself as one of the potential hymns of this year…