Kayo Bracey

social media networks: @KayoBracey

A native of Greensboro, NC, Dakota “Kayo” Bracey could always be found freestyling at the dinner table or making tackles on the football field. After locking down receivers at his cornerback position for four seasons at Morgan State and receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Kayo returned to his grass roots in North Carolina.

Bracey rededicated his life to Christ and embarked on a huge journey. Kayo’s 1st kingdom album “Starvation” was released in 2013 on itunes. His new single “Rebirth: Hardest Man Alive” has graced the radio air ways in several different markets.

As a Christian Hip hop artist, Kayo is focused on not only becoming a mainstay in the Gospel industry, but also glorifying God in the process. Through it all, Kayo has remained humble. “Without God, I am nothing. Absolutely nothing. If no one remembers my name, I am completely OK with it. It’s more important that they know who my Father in Heaven is and develop a relationship with him.”

website: http://www.kayobracey.com