King Piff

King Piff was Born Luis C . Rujano in Panama city , Panama. His mother moved herself and King Piff to the United States and a very young age in search for the American Dream. At a very young age you could see that King Piff was musically gifted he would memorize words to popular songs extremely quick and could impersonate many cartoon characters as well as comedians by watching or listening to them once or twice. He fell in love with Hip Hop when he first heard Planet Rock at the time he did not know it was considered Hip Hop. He just enjoyed to pop lock and break dance to the music , not until he heard L.L. Cool J , Rock the bells and Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh Ladi Daddi did he know he wanted to become an Emcee. He began writing as a bet with a classmate who could come up with the best raps he was 8 at this time. He would later record his first track at the age of 11. From there he did many talent shows , cyphers and several local colleges. He had a major opportunity to be signed as a teenager but unfornately it did not pan out. Frustrated with the result he decided to join the Marines. After a short stint in the Marines he returned to Brooklyn to hone his craft. He had to overcome alot of hardships and crossroads seeing close friends and family become victims to the streets. He grew frustrated and decided to give up music while facing his own demons , eventually the music called him back and he’s been at it ever since. He has gotten compared to many legends such as Nas , Prodigy , Tupac , DMX , GhostfaceKillah and Common. You can hear the passion and hunger in his music.