Mad Duck

Music has always been in the life of Luca and Stefano, born in Milan, Italy.

Their father graduated in composition and piano, mother sings and played the


Luca studied classic guitar and Stefano the flute. Both have subsequently

continued, as self-taught, studies of harmony and classical composition,

electric guitar and bass.

The two most important experiences in cover band were the “Qui per Caso”, in

which they revisited pop, rock and metal classics; the “Children of the

Sabbath”, a tribute to the Black Sabbath with which they also played at “Rock

N Roll” club in Milan.

In 2016 born the “Mad Duck” with the purpose of recording the material

composed in fifteen years by the two brothers.

In search of collaborators, they met Davide Merletto – former professional

singer of Daedalus, Planet hard and now with Strive – and Francesco La Rosa,

drummer of M-pire of Evil, Extrema, MEGANOIDI and Thought Machine.

On November 30 2017 was released the first Mad Duck album, “Braggart

stories and dark poems”.

“Braggart stories and dark poems”: the debut of the Mad Duck

On 30st November was out “Braggart stories and dark poems”, the debut album of Mad Duck, new heavy metal band from Milan (Italy) founded by Luca & Stefano Primavesi.

The album is self-produced and it is composed by 9 tracks. It features the collaboration, among the others, of the singer Davide Merletto (ex Daedalus e Planethard, now in Strive) in all songs and Francesco La Rosa at the drums (M-pire of Evil, Extrema, MEGANOIDI) on ‘Tyger’ and Roberto Diana (acoustic & slide guitar) on “City of darkness” and “At the sign of the skull”.