Arlington Saturday 8th

MTV rock and IndieMania are excited to announce that Matter of Perspective will be play to the “ArtLounge” in Arlington, MA on Saturday 8th.

“The show will take the audience
on a magical path through time, music & art.

…It is not very often that audiences get to see a visual artist at work, from start to finish. 
Equally rare are the artists who are willing to share that process with a live audience.
Add the element of having the ears entertained at the same time, and it is a sensory experience that audiences find irresistible…

AM (Alessio Miraglia): Guitar & Ambient
Matt Johnson: Voice & Acustic Guitar
Carl Puglisi: Percussion

Live Painting by the talented Visual Artist: Fotini Christophillis 

“The audience will be part of the show, by having a chance to practice what they had learned at the end of the show.
We encourage you to mix and mingle with other art lovers as you, paint or write and get inspired by the creative and casual music atmosphere.”