Michael Barber – Over the Moon

Michael Barber Releases a Song for his Son with Over the Moon

musican_michael_barber_with_sonRapducer Michael Barber steps away from any typical rhymes and releases a song for his 2 year old son, Moses. The song titled, Over the Moon, was produced and written by Michael. Over the Moon is a poetical letter of love from father to son with a catchy hook that borrows from several nursery rhymes to make up it’s own. It’s hard to deny a song that comes from something so real as a father and son relationship. Michael raps, sings the hook, plays the guitar and the piano on the song. The track will be featured on his upcoming album with Sycamore Music Group. His album, AHAYWEH will be released in 2017 on Sycamore Music Group with major distribution coming from Eone Music.

Follow Michael on twitter @TheIrishJesus or on Facebook MichaelBarberMusic

Over the Moon is now available on all major digital outlets online, and is a featured track on Spotify.

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Spotify Link to Over the Moon


Over the Moon on iTunes


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