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Mobbed Up Inc has partnered with the Mob King TV Show to bring an authentic taste of Italy to the US. Their Extra Virgin Olive Oil line consists of a variety of 10 flavors that go thru a rigourous 3 step quality process from the finest farms in Italy where the olives are hand picked. The Olive Oil is 100% Extra Virgin and 100% Italian. It is Certified Extra Virgin wit32h via chemical analysis in Italy and California.
Furthermore, it is Certified Extra Virgin via sensory analysis by a Certified Olive Oil Sommelier ensuring there are no defects in the Oil.
Lastly, the plain oil you are purchasing has a Free Fatty Acidity Level of 0.35 and Peroxide Value of 7.1 which are both outstanding results.
All of their product is Produced, Infused and Bottled in their facilities in Italy (Modena and Umbria). Mobbed Up Inc Olive Oil is 100% Extra Virgin and Naturally Infused. It is Certified with Chemical Analysis in Italy and California as well as Certified with a Sensory Analysis by A Certified Olive Oil Sommelier.
Their serious work ethics and fresh ingredients allowed Mobbed Up Inc to gain a reputation in such a short period of time as one of the leading sources of quality and trusted Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Mobbed Up Inc also has a clothing line and a much anticipated Comedy Show Fundraiser to benefit first responders coming in August. They have caught the attention of many celebrities such as Perez Hilton, Real Housewives and Mob Wives.

Interview by Tim Brown

1. What inspired you to create Mobbed Up Inc?

I was inspired to create Mobbed Up Inc… because it’s who I am and I want to shine a positive light on a lifestyle often over fantasized because of movies. I want to offer opportunities to those who elsewhere wouldn’t have had them. There is a lot of hidden talent out there that gets overlooked.

We understand there are several projects Mobbed Up Inc is currently working on can you please give us details?

Some of the projects we are excited about is of course our Olive Oil line with Ciro Dapagio the Mob King himself. We are bringing a great product imported from the farm in Italy to your doorstep. We also have our t shirt line and other products in the works such as our cigar line. One of many movie projects in the works is called “The Outfit” starring Michael Madsen and my partner Sal Amato.

What has been your biggest obstacle having your own business?

The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome having my own businesses is time. I need 40 hour days to get done what is on my daily list and still make time for family. At the end of the day, thats what its all about, to provide for my family and make them proud.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs would be never give up, never let somebody say it can’t be done. Prove them wrong I’ve been doing it my whole  life. I was arrested and kicked out of school in the 8th grade, moved out and lived on my own at a very young age. I have been through it all and I NEVER GAVE UP and am very successful and respected in all my fields because I work hard and am always willing to learn more. Life is what you make of it, we only have 1 to live so I say go for it! Always try something you want to achieve and feel passionate about.

How did you end up teaming up with Mob King TV?

So the first time I noticed a Mob King post by Ciro Dapagio I immediately knew he was going to be a star and wanted to work with him. As I mentioned before when I set goals I don’t stop until they become reality so I reached out and made it happen. I can say with everything in me Ciro Dapagio is as stand up as they come. The world will know who the Mob King is he is this generations Dinero and Pacino.

What is an area in the future you would like to explore with your business?

Areas we want to develop more in the future will be tv and movie production. We have many projects now and some that are being worked on but I can see our own tv station or network in the near future.

You have created quite a buzz in the media, where can people stay up to date and follow your movement?

To keep up on all of our media I’d like to shout out Publicist Michelle Magee my girl who makes it happen and her company Bullzeye Enterprises. Also check out our website:
Or our facebook page

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