Mohammed Khider – Zawjati (My Wife)

Official music video for Zawjati (My Wife) FULL HD – from Mohammed Khider’s new album “Unity”.

Incredible video at Full HD Quality.

Filmed in San Diego, CA and directed by Frontman Productions

© 2017 One Essence Productions
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Zawjati, Zawjati, Zawjati, Zawjati
As I look back at the first time, It seemed like just the right time
That Allah had destined for us…to be…together
Each and every moment I shared, I realized that I care
And you are …to be…in my…life…forever

I wish that we are always together
With each other today and forever
Praising our lord for what he gave us
For each and everything ever since he made us

I thank the Lord
For what he gave us
That first meeting
Was so precious

Eversince i saw you
I feel in love with you
It was our destiny
You and me for eternity

Zawjati, Zawjati, Zawjati, Zawjati

All I wana say is you’ve been at my side
In every situation you’ve been my true guide
Just like the prophets wife you been so caring
You never complained when it comes to sharing

You are my love
That Im so proud of
You are my desire
That I admire

Zawjati, Zawjati, Zawjati, Zawjati

© 2017 One Essence Productions
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