Duncan Alex

BEFORE_US_cover“This next track is crazy, but crazy brilliant in a good way”, “I can hear the Michael Jackson, definitely” – BBC Radio, 20/02/16

Duncan’s fourth album “Before Us” is released this Saturday 19 March 2016 worldwide on iTunes [http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/before-us/id1091633353], band camp [http://duncanalex.bandcamp.com/] and CDBaby [http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/DuncanAlex].

Since literally before I was born, I’ve been an avid listener of music (my Mum was a singer). I first felt the itch to write my own music in my late teens.

It started mainly with layering vocals and beats, using a cassette walkman to double up tracks, then doubling those, then getting a keyboard and 4-track, then getting a PC…

After many years producing cassette demo tapes at home, I worked my way towards actual studio time, and produced a debut EP. It got Australian national airplay and was written up in Rolling Stone magazine as “classy and promising”.

A lot has happened since, in life, and life’s experiences may have tugged at me but never drew me away from writing and producing in my spare time  or collaborating with others. I’ve written hundreds of songs. I’ve written and sung in covers and originals bands, acoustic duo/trios around Devon, and when it first became a possibility, I was doing remote collaboration. A fellow indie singer-songwriter Jess Hatton-Brown, now living in Nantes, features on a track on the new album. A few years back I met a talented guitarist/rock God from Exmouth -Ian Davey- whose guitar sounds feature on the new album.

Duncan_Alex_acgtrI’m very excited about this album and its potential. I think it’s time for people to hear Duncan Alex, see the videos, feel the vibe.




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