Post Death Soundtrack

Post Death Soundtrack is a Canadian inter-city music collective consisting of Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore and Jon Ireson. Founded in Calgary in 2007 by Buck and Moore, the band now operates out of Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto using the magic of the internet to collaborate across the country. The group creates thought-provoking music by weaving together electronic, industrial, pop and rock sounds. calls their sound “indefinable” while Reflections of Darkness calls them “by no means music for simple minds”.

On September 16, 2008, founding members Buck and Moore released Post Death Soundtrack’s debut full length album Music as Weaponry. Taking influence from bands like Massive Attack and Skinny Puppy, ‘Music as Weaponry’ earned top reviews from publications such as, Side-line Magazine and Sphere Magazine who called the record “a chaotic concoction of crossover madness” adding “this is the soundtrack to your escape from the average”. Their popular cover of Dead Can Dance’s ‘Anywhere Out Of The World’ was met with praise overseas in Europe.

Also that year, the group recruited bassist and producer Jon Ireson with whom Buck and Moore had shared various stages with in previous incarnations. Jon, in turn brought on Colin Everall to help out on piano and drums.

In 2010, Post Death Soundtrack released their single ‘Ultraviolence’ with accompanying video, directed by Jeevin Johal. Along with the release of new music (‘Little Alice’ and ‘Our Time Is Now’) and a series of remixes from Music as Weaponry, the band assembled for a rare live performance opening for industrial pioneers Front Line Assembly.

In 2011, Steve Moore underwent a successful surgery after being diagnosed with cancer. In 2016, after a lengthy hiatus, Post Death Soundtrack returned with The Unlearning Curve. The 9 track collection is an eclectic narrative about dropping concepts, healing and venturing into the unknown. Equal parts Alice in Wonderland, J. Krishnamurti and dream language, The Unlearning Curve pulls as much from psych era Beatles and David Bowie as it does from modern industrial rock. The record was recorded at a number of studios, primarily in Vancouver. It was mastered at Suite Sound Labs, Vancouver and the album cover is an original painting by Toronto artist Kayla Aileen Brown. The album is available as a free download.

Currently the group are working on a remix album as well as their next full-length album, both due in 2017.

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Band/Artist: Post Death Soundtrack
Location: Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto)
Styles: Psychedelic Rock, Art Rock, Grunge, Trip Hop, Pop, Industrial, Downtempo Electronic
Similar to/RIYL: Post-1967 Beatles, Massive Attack, David Bowie, Skinny Puppy, Portishead
CD: The Unlearning Curve
Release date: May 27, 2016

Post Death Soundtrack is: Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore, Jon Ireson
All songs by Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore & Jon Ireson except *track 7 by Colin Everall, Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore & Jon Ireson
Vocals by Steve Moore & Kenneth Buck
Lyrics by Steve Moore & Kenneth Buck except chorus of *track 5 by Colin Everall
Produced & Engineered by Kenneth Buck & Jon Ireson
Mastered at Suite Sound Labs in Vancouver (
Album cover art – original painting by Kayla Aileen Brown