Revilution is:

Dan Seitz, Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar.

Scott Flint, Rhythm & Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals.

Mikey Chavez, Bass Guitar.

Joe Hernandez, Drums, Backing Vocals.


Q: Your name is very unique. Why the EVIL in REVILUTION?

Dan Seitz, lead vocals, guitar: I believe that people are neither “good” nor “evil,” but combinations of both concepts, and we are incomplete without them. Most of us want to be considered good, but in reality we cannot summon the courage and power to effect change without our evil side. Our music is about accepting yourself and others for who they really are, and working towards a world where all are treated equally. We cannot fight injustice without feeling anger, and this fight is big; it requires a REVILUTION.

Mikey Chavez, bass: The answer is simple; it’s so that 40 years from now, some people will know the hows and whys of the name REVILUTION, and there will be those that argue about it. If we’re lucky, people will blog about why REVILUTION was, well, REVILUTION. You know the old saying, “I will tweet you for lunch!”

Q: Any new gear updates? Who are your guitar heroes?

Dan: I just got a Dean Flying V Dave Mustaine Killing Is My Business guitar (see attachment). It’s pretty bare-bones, no tremolo or anything, but it’s got active pickups and a great chuggy sound to it! Plus the graphic on it is badass! Obviously I like Dave Mustaine, but also Randy Rhoades, Ace Frehley, Michael Schenker, Tony Iommi… way too many to list here!

Scott Flint, guitar, vocals: Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen, Dave Mustaine.

Mikey: I broke out my old bass rig (Eden WT550-4X10XL cab) to play through. It’s been two years, but it’s got a killer tone! My bass hero is Kaiser Sosey.

Q: Best LIVE show so far?

Dan: We haven’t played any shows yet with Joe and Mikey, but we have one coming up on June 29th at Morgan’s Tavern in Riverside, CA. We had some pretty good ones last year with the old lineup, but I’m thinking this next phase is gonna be 10 notches above anything we’ve done before!

Scott: CLASH CITY!!!

Joe Hernandez, drums: Well, this Friday will be my first show with the band. But the material we’ve been practicing, I know it will be good.

Mikey: June 29th at Morgan’s Tavern in Riverside, CA will be a great show!

Q: The positives and negatives (if any) of being an LA area band?

Dan: The positives are that there are a lot of opportunities for bands to perform and record, if the band is willing to get out there and do the work. The negatives are that there are so many other bands around, it’s difficult to get heard above them. You gotta really stand out as a metal band to get noticed today, since it’s a genre that isn’t mainstream anymore.

Scott: So much competition; the positive side is it makes us work even harder to be the best.

Joe: The positive is that it’s LA, so there is always something going that involves music. You don’t have to go far to find good tunes somewhere! But the negative thing is that there are a lot of bands chasing the same dream. So it can make it hard sometimes. But that’s ok because if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Mikey: There are way to many levels to that question! (laughing) Don’t get me started!

Q: What can we expect from the new album?

Dan: You can expect to need a mop to clean your melted face off the floor!

Mikey: We are redoing a few old REVILUTION songs for an EP. The songs are already great, we’re just recording them with different personnel.

Q: Who are your favorite metal or hard rock songwriters?

Dan: Steve Harris, Bon Scott, Angus Young, James Hetfield. I love a great guitar riff and hooky bass line, a tricky metaphor, and angry lyrics!

Joe: Dio, for me. I am a fan of all of his stuff.

Mikey: Neil Fallon of Clutch.

Q: Anything you want to share with our readers?

Dan: Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled, and check us out at! It’s gonna be one helluva ride!

Scott: Come to one of our shows, the music will melt your face!

Joe: To say thank you for taking time to check us out, and stay tuned…

Mikey: I used to be a jerk, but then I started listening to REVILUTION’s music. I’m better now!

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