(Source: Mandy Privenau)

The most fitting sound backdrop to sweeten the long wait until the next season of Game of Thrones may not come from Hollywood. Austrian dark rock sensation Roterfeld is back with his new single “King of This Land” and an epic music video to storm the seven kingdoms of rock music.

With his first album “Blood Diamond Romance” in 2011, Aaron Roterfeld’s music career took off at the very point where others think they have already made it and he took the music world by storm with his melodic dark rock. “For his songs, only the best is good enough for the man with the penetrating eyes and the Bowie attitude”, wrote the Sonic Seducer. An incredible coincidence provided the opportunity for him to impress the gold, platinum and Grammy-accustomed Berman Brothers, who had already produced Coldplay, Hanson and Cher, with a few of his demos. Promptly, other famous producers jumped on the bandwagon as well. Finland’s hit-maker Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Lordi, Apocalyptica) and 70s/80s art-rock legend Frank Bornemann (Eloy, Guano Apes, Helloween) produced more of the Austrian dark rocker’s tracks for the first album “Blood Diamond Romance”, which made Roterfeld’s debut skyrocket to number 2 of the German rock charts (DAC). Soon, he found himself on the covers of numerous music magazines. The highest entry ever achieved by an Austrian in the German DAC-charts was followed by a nomination for Austria’s AMADEUS, the title of “Best Newcomer” in the Sonic Seducer’s readers’ poll and an extended live tour that brought him onto some of the largest festival stages in Germany and Austria. Now Roterfeld is back with his new single “King of This Land” and an amazing fantasy video from an dark and outer-worldly realm. Musically, with heavy guitars and the opulent strings provided by the Prague Symphony Orchestra the song seamlessly picks up the threads from his debut while even stepping up a couple of gears. The new album is already waiting in the wings as well: “Hamlet at Sunset”, a title inspired by the 400th birthday of William Shakespeare, is set to be unleashed in 2018.

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