Rowe Rowe

The 17-year-old musician, whose new single, We Own This Game, is available on all music platforms, is shining a light on the hardships affecting people in downtown Los Angeles. It is a place he knows well and where his musical roots are firmly based. With a rapidly expanding fan base and a voice that has been likened to pioneers of rap, such as Jay Z, Rowe Rowe is a musician on the up and up.

His followers can be counted in their tens of thousands and, with an ever-expanding presence on the musical stage, they are growing by the day.
He has worked as a creative for hire, collaborating with a string of other artists, but is currently a breaking talent in his own right.
After working with Promoboi, a rapper signed to Interscope Records, the door opened to other new opportunities. This is the moment when top producers started wanting to work with Rowe Rowe. A noticeable one was Amir Swain who has produced for THE GAME, Problem, Lloyd, Chris Brown, and Tank.
With the spotlight now firmly on him, his affiliations are now part of an overall package that has included ghost-writing.
If rap is a hot genre, Rowe Rowe is an even hotter talent. Ranked by his peers, he has held court with thought-provoking singles.
My Story charts his life from a young seven-year-old with dreams to a teen having to step up and face his demons. “This is my story, I ain’t looking for any glory” – poignant words, blasted out with conviction and sincerity.
In This is the Path, Rowe Rowe acknowledges his growing success. He describes how his burgeoning career has helped to banish early insecurities and given him a sense of “winning” over the curse of pain.
His art is an original mix of melodic music and contemporary rap. Combined, they form the sensational package that is capturing imaginations and prompting debate.
Rowe Rowe’s insightful observations of the music industry have struck a chord with critics, who have described him as “something special”.
He is a musician with messages to share; messages that his followers will identify with. They are delivered in an original, hip format that promise to ensure he goes all the way to the top.
Rowe Rowe has been touched by the plight of his fellow human beings, particularly those he has observed in downtown Los Angeles. He aims to raise money to help relieve their suffering through his music.
A keen supporter of charities, he has long wanted to do his bit to aid them – and reflect what is happening in the world around him through his raps.
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Soundcloud: @roweroweofficial