Sofia Arvaniti covers Mylène Farmer

Sofia Arvaniti covers Mylène Farmer!

Do you remember Sofia Arvaniti?

She is the Greek Pop Rock Start who recorded the duet “The desert is in your Heart! with Bonnie Tyler back in the 90’s, one of Bonnie’s rarest recordings, ever!

Sofia was a multi-platinum pop star in Greece in the 90’s. Her song “Mi mou milas gia kalokairia” “Don’t speak to me about Summertime anymore”), is an all time classic hit in Greece, and every summer this song still achieves tremendous airplay, 27 years after it’s release.

After a long silence from Sofia (her last album was released in 2009) she has now decided to make a come back with a very strong album with mostly rock and folk songs. The new album will be released under the label of “Rain Music” belonging to the famous Greek Rock Star, Vassilis Papakonstantinou.

A first promo cd single was delivered to radio stations being her first single from the album, “Mia Atithasi Kardia” (An untamed heart”), introducing Sofia’s new music profile to her fans.

But, the big surprise comes from France!

Sofia has managed to get the rights to cover Mylene Farmer’s song “Fuck them All” in a brand new Greek version, this being the second promo single from Sofia’s forthcoming album.

A very strong and different version of the song we all loved, comes from Greece, and it is going to be a huge hit!

Good Luck Sofia!

Sofia’s new album entitled “ALAVARDAHALA (Songs of Time) ” will be released in September 2017 by Rain Music.

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