The Fall Of Ego

“A stirring indie rock anthem with a hint of Oasis about it” (Musicwaffle)

Introducing #OneOfTheseDays, the debut single from indie-rock band The Fall Of Ego! Download the original track AND bonus EDM version for #free at

The Fall Of Ego was created by Singer/Songwriter Sven Fredriksson which combines a guitar drenched sound with crafted and emotive melodies. The music explores themes of life and hope, and overcoming adversity drawing from Sven’s own experience, musical calibre and passions.

The bands debut album ‘World In Disguise’ (Nov 2017) is an atmospheric body of work with skilfully crafted and arranged songs full of ambience, emotion and meaning, such as the first singles One Of These Days and Out of Reach.

Both Singles are available from you will find One of These Days Original and Ultra Ego Version as free downloads), i-Tunes, Amazon and most major online retailers.

Band Members
Sven Fredriksson (Vocals/songwriting)
Kirill Prokopenko (Drums)
Alexander Androsenko (Lead guitar)
Anton Lopatin (Bass)
Andrey Isakov (Rhythm guitar)


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