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1. Your new album is set to be released soon, tell us about your release and how many songs?
Yes, it’s going to be the first one so I’m really concern about the concept and the energy of the songs, it would be in a streaming format, so the songs will be on the radio format and in my pop style. I want this first album to tell what is The Kraken, where did I came from and what I intend to bring with my music, the reason why I’ve chosen electronic music. So it’s a lot of responsibility and I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my music, but I’m very excited about it. It’s going to have 8 songs and all the names of the song are connected.

2. Do you enjoy touring in the US?
I can’t wait to go! I’ve been in US so many times to work but on the studios, I wanted to define myself as an artist before coming on the stage as The Kraken. I’ve been touring before even with some songs I’ve released recently but I didn’t use my artist name because I wanted to test my ideas so when it would come to The Kraken Music Live I would know how to create the performance I wanted. We are working on that on these next weeks, I can’t wait to show you guys what I’m preparing.

3. Please list all instruments you play!
I have 10 years of singing lessons and 5 of music.
Also I play the piano.

4. How did you get started in POP and EDM music?
I started music with Rock N’ Roll, and I will always have those references, but I’ve felt in love with EDM in 2013, the way this music genre cared about making people have fun, have hope and also not feel alone had everything to do with what that I believe in music, so I started to study everything I could to improve myself on it. With Pop it was different I was already working with Electronic Music and the record label I was starting to work in Italy wanted to try Pop with me, my first answer was no, I had this very stupid Idea that If I was with EDM I should never go to Pop. Thank god my producer challenged me and I decided to try, it was the best thing because I had the opportunity to learn and work with Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, Ballad, and so much more. Today my versatile style it what’s stands out, and Pop was the reason why I improved myself on this.

5. Who are your favorite songwriters?
That’s very difficult question, there so many on my list, I like Andrew Taggart from Chainsmokers, Charlie Puth, I like Jay Z, Dave Grohl, Bruce Springsteen, Dolly Parton..

6. Who are your favorite modern bands of today?
Arctic Monkeys, Thirty Seconds To Mars, also lately I’m very into 5 Seconds Of Summer’s new song Youngblood.

7. Any local favorites in Brazil?
Favorite of all times is a singer, Ivete Sangalo.

8. How do you seek creative flow?
I find all the words I need on the sounds, my inspiration is different from each song when it comes to writing, usually I talk to the producer to tell what I’m thinking about for the song, and as soon as I heard a demo I already find the words, it really seems to me that the words are already inside the sound, I can hear them on my mind. But there were sometimes where I had the entire song in my mind, like everything I wanted, so I created over nothing, and then when I was sure that it sounded the way I had it in my mind I said ok, it’s done. But that might also happen because I hear songs 24/7 on a day, and I’m always finding new songs from all the corners of the world, so gathering this with my own cultural references means never-ending ideas.

9. If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things could you not live without?
If that was the exact scenario, sunscreen, anorak jacket, and snorkel!
But it a good different scenario, sunscreen, my cell phone and coke zero!!

10. Thanks for this interview. Please let us know where to find you on Instagram and twitter thanks.
I really enjoyed this interview!!
On Twitter and Instagram, you can find me as @TheKrakenMusic

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