They say that creativity often finds you when you’re not looking. As the case for Witches, the alternative/indie rock duo from Chicago, whose project sprouted after an impromptu jam session between its members. “We had no expectations or idea that we’d be starting a new music project,” explained guitarist Andy A. “We had so much fun with those first couple of jam sessions that it organically grew into something bigger than we expected.”
From the start Andy, along with singer and keyboardist Ivan Gaona, found momentum with their collaboration. They both sought a new outlet to express their creativity. Having already worked with Gaona on several photo and video projects, he introduced the idea of writing a song together. The result: the formation of Witches.

“I think our biggest goal is to create a connection for people through our melodies. That is what we want people to take away when they hear our music” Ivan says.

Brewing in the cauldron: an indie pop concoction that’s simmered with dashes of dark alternative, reminiscent of bands like TV on the radio, Interpol, LCD sound system, Fobia, and Soda Stereo. The band’s forthcoming debut EP summons the spirits of 80s new wave, blending It with a diverse range of influences from indie rock and pop. Their focus is melody and mood, to capture and communicate a vibe to listeners. “Surrender,” the duo’s debut single, embodies that notion and serves as a precursor for what is to come.

Currently wrapping up the songwriting process for the forthcoming EP, the effort is expected out in late 2018. And according to the band, it’s a sound that will find its niche in the Windy City and beyond in the months to come.
“We’re excited to see how we can fit into other music scenes as well, like L.A. and New York. We’d love to share our music out there. We’re just excited to connect with others through our new music and see how they will respond to our sound”

Witches releases a new Single “Surrender”
a precursor for what is to come with their new EP

Official Webstie: www.witches.band
Facebook: facebook.com/witchestheband
Instagram: instagram.com/witches.band
Twitter: twitter.com/witchestheband
Sound Cloud: soundcloud.com/witchesmusic
You Tube: youtube.com/channel/UC6XnVZi5vYnHTnmucAfghwg?

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