Women to Women

Interview by Tim Brown

What inspired you to to create Women to Women? It started from the show NY’s Women To Women. I created that show because I was tired of how reality TV was representing our women. The shows on TV makes it seem like women don’t get along or that we don’t have any love for each other. Coming from a family with way more women then men, and being a single parent over a woman. I needed to show a different perception. I also made it real Reailty TV so it’s believable as well. Women to Women was created for the franchise and to strengthen the brand. This way we can offer more opportunities for women in entertainment without them feeling like they are selling their souls.
What is the goal of the show and where can audiences view it? The goal is to strengthen women in business and show how we can work together to better each other. It will also show how most of us are great in business but weak in love and relationships. The plan is to help and educate while exposing the authentic truth about women in business and their personal issues that they may struggle with as an individual. They can view all episodes on our app Women To Women which is located in the Apple store and Google play. The cost is free to download and $2.45 for a monthly subscription if you sign up within the first 45 days. It should be available after independence day.
April we understand you are the mastermind behind the movement, tell readers a little about yourself: I’m a single parent mother that moves in the footsteps like most men. I’m very aggressive and passionate about business. My foundation is GOD and I walk in the eyes of him every minute of the day. I want to get married and devote my life to one woman. My plan is to get married without having sex first in order to bring back the true meaning AND purpose of LOVE.
How does the show help the every day woman and is it geared more toward the LGBT community or for everyone? It helps the everyday woman in many ways. It shows the essences of our abilities and it gives them hope through realistic views. It’s not geared solely toward the LGBT community only because I need to showcase that we’re all the same. The only difference is who we chose to be intimate with.
Where do you see the show in 5 years? I see NYs Women To Women being the biggest reality show in TV history. I see the brand Women To Women going worldwide and becoming a major turning point for women in business.
Who is the one person you would love to have on the show more than anyone else and why? I don’t really have someone I idolize like that. Mainly because I want to take ordinary women and give them their lane to become great.
What is your guilty pleasure? I don’t have any but I do have a love for women that makes me feel like I could nurture and take care of many. Something like a pimp without sleeping with them. I have a issue with settling down with just one.
How do you feel about the state of the world today and what changes do you think would make it better? It’s all screwed up. People need to be more honest with themselves and stop pretending. They also need to educate themselves more and not just through school but in life. Open their hearts and step out of the box society created for mankind.
Where can people follow your movement? They can check out the mobile App on Apple and Android called Women To Women the icon is W2W. Everything you need to know about the brand, our social media and shows are located there.


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