Make way for 308 GHOST TRAIN!
This new group has rolled onto the music scene and are destined to leave their mark in this industry for years to come with all new original songs in a brand new genre –
308 GHOST TRAIN lead singer Anthony “Train” Caruso developed the unique idea for this new project coming off a win for the 2019 POSI Song of The Year Award in the Social Justice Category at the POSI Music Festival and Awards Ceremony held in Tampa, Florida. The POSI Music Festival is known for promoting and celebrating music with messages of positivity, inspiration, spirituality, and unity.
Drawing from his rock background, his status as an honorably discharged Army Veteran, and being inspired by his faith, Train began writing for this new project. The first single will be released Memorial Day Weekend May 24th, 2019, with more songs to follow shortly thereafter. The first song, “21 GUNS AND A MILLION TEARS” is dedicated to all Veterans and First Responders. His message to Vets with difficult problems is, “if I can be an inspiration to others, then hopefully they, too, can learn to live their lives just as fully.”
John 3:08 says The wind blows where it pleases and no one knows where it comes and goes but its in all of us born of the spirit. The Ghost( Whom “Train” refers to as his musical director and Train is lead singer, Anthony Caruso’s nickname. Train feels that the Spirit is moving him on this musical journey – down this particular “track” –because He, in turn, wants Train to move his listeners with his music and the messages he brings to them.

There is also a double meaning in the name. The visual of an actual train infers a moving vessel that is inclusive, in that it is large enough to have enough seats to accommodate anyone that wants to come aboard.

308 GHOST TRAIN’s music and messages are inclusive, with melodies and rhythms that are energetically infectious and with lyrics that promote unity, positivity, inspiration, spirituality, and patriotism.


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