DRAMA QUEEN B – 2 great singles “Stuff IT” & “Shallow”.


Another insightful track from The Human Drama album.

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First track off my new album The Human Drama
You can listen to all 10 tracks on my site: dramaqueenb.com

music by Italian composer Mike Generale


I have chosen to come out into society as Drama Queen B to bring popular attention to the absurdity of the human drama in our society.

I have been on my own journey of self discovery and have dedicated most of my life to breaking free from the archaic, robotic programming that has limited my human nature, my soul and my spirit.

This earthly experience has been extremely challenging. If it had not been for genuine mentors, teachers and special relationships, I know I would have never been able to become more of who I was created to be in this life.

I am truly grateful for all these wonderful individuals who have been enlightening me on this journey even though I am really just now starting to discover who I am and why I am even on this planet. Too continue growing, I feel I must now give back and share what I know.

Professionally, I was retained to create image, media and marketing plans for many wonderful clients. I designed and orchestrated campaigns that generated great popularity for some very famous celebrity charities, extraordinary entrepreneurs, independently owned business enterprises and projects that contributed to improving our environment.

I have always used my gifts and abilities to be of service to projects that I felt contributed something positive, beyond pure profit.

After years of contemplating on how to give back to our society, I have created Drama Queen B, and my own Campaign For Sanity.

I love to be spontaneous and have fun. I have chosen to deliver my insights into the human drama through the many faces of Drama Queen B. I simply allow the character that wishes to express itself and contribute its perspective to flow freely through me.

My insights are mostly unrehearsed and certainly not a product of any great theatrical school of acting, comedic training or refined public speaking. They are simply my way of sharing a variety of perspectives.

I know I cannot change anyone nor change our society, but I would certainly be pleased if it inspires in some way a higher level of awareness, personal growth and spiritual development.

This is just the beginning… I’m excited to see where this journey will take us.

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