Mikey Shyne

Twiter/IG: @mikeyshynemusic
Despite being a newcomer to the game, NYC-based Pop artist Mikey Shyne has been making waves throughout the music industry.  With his aesthetically pleasing looks, boyish charm and a voice that ranks up there with todays best, Mikey is certainly a force to be reckoned with.
schermata-2016-11-17-alle-15-56-22What captivates us the most about Mikey Shyne is not just his well-seasoned lyrical abilities or unmistakeably unique set of vocal chops; but its his story that pulled us in.  After years of struggling with inner personal demons, being driven from his own home, losing the companionship of friends, girlfriends & loved ones and being driven to the brink of insanity and suicide, Mikey stands proud today.
He’s overcome every single insurmountable challenge and uses his voice to tell his story.  He’s turned desperation into hope and makes music his #1 mission.  He continues to work alongside legends of the music industry who have all noticed something special in him and are helping him along on his rise to the top.
His style is very unique and his ability to cross genres with ease is something that really makes him special.  While mainly claiming to be a Pop/Top 40 artist, his Hip Hop and R&B influences are unmistakeable.  Then, throw in a little classical, country, rock and soul into his musical blender, mix it well and the result will be Mikey Shyne.
We love ourselves some good music, but an even better story to go along with it is what makes our bells ring!
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