Dosk – Love It

We are twins, which might be a shock to some. Our image is almost identical and so are our musical goals. We listen to everything from Dance music to Punk Rock. Although we did give Heavy Metal a try… lets just say we tend to pass up on all the “Moshing” offers hahaha. Recently we changed our musical name from “2k Boyz” to “DosK” because not only was it time for a change, but we are men. Honestly though with all the hype around “NBA 2K” We could not compete lol. Plus, DosK just rolls off the tongue better if you ask us ! Everyone can relate to at least one song that was ever made and that is why music is so great. We hope to contain a song in our catalog in which some of you can relate, be inspired, motivated, or at the very least a song that can make you smile and gather some form of rhythm. We are regular people with regular jobs aspiring to conquer your musical taste buds and be put into your daily playlist. Is that to much to ask ? Haha. If you ever see one of us don’t be shy say Hi. See what we just did there ? If we could share any message it would be… Do not let society dictate what your SUCCESS is. Adam might base success on his salary while you base it off happiness, so if coming home to a loving family, healthy kids and a roof over your head is what you would call successful. Never buy into someone else telling you otherwise. We all have our own definitions of success.     



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