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SIGNOR DREAM, born 1991, native of Caserta, is one of the most talented and established rappers emerging in the Italian. Over the years, he has been able to renew his style and his ability to communicate with texts increasingly engaged, and rhymes cured, that always characterize his style, refined and never banal, so it can be defined the choice between a “rapper pure “and” singer “.

In 2013, Public Fire Words, song that quickly allows him to make himself known to the public network, with over 100,000 views reached in no time and still remains the song “symbol” of the style and language that make Signor Dream an example of originality and uniqueness in the musical tricolor.

In March 2015, he sees the light ” Fuori Tutto Vol.1 “, distributed by On The Set of Luca Venturi, a first recording project consists of 13 new songs, which weaves its expressiveness, made of stories, stories and reflections with the His elegant style, which distances itself from the labels and sounds to which the Italian rap we have become accustomed in recent years. ” Fuori Tutto Vol.1 ” is free expression lexical, which has its roots in rap, nell’hiphop and electronic music, an example of a style more and more varied and staff that makes Signor Dream the modern alternative to a style evolving.




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