Fadi Awad


The Global Music Awards Winner and the American Songwriting Awards Nominee Artist Fadi Awad is a multi-level and multi-genres International Music Artist (Music Composer, Songwriter and a DJ/Producer)… He studied Music, Orchestration, and High Studies in International Business Management & Administration. He’s holding a profile full of Valuable Records & Honorable Titles. He worked in many top radio stations & night clubs & played in many worldwide music events. He plays mainly Keyboard, piano, drums, percussion with and without his band/singer, as well as he plays behind the decks as a DJ/MC because he started as a DJ in the Industry then music player then became a producer, music composer and songwriter, and he still works in all these fields… He achieved many successes & was behind many successful projects… His presence in the Industry since years helped him selecting what is beautiful & good from every genre that popped up from the past to the present, and use them in his projects, that’s why he composes many good music genres successfully!… He has won in the Global Music Awards for his achievements and won the Nominee Certification in the American Songwriting Awards, and he, along with his tracks from different genres, are nominated for many Awards including The Hollywood Music In Media Awards, The Phoenix and The Los Angeles Music Awards, The Ai Music Awards, and more!… 90% of his tracks were highly charted in the digital stores, and some were charted in the US, UK, France National Charts, in the Germany’s Top 100 Dance Charts, in the Worldwide Chill Out Charts, and others… Many top radios, mixtapes, Artists, DJs, Industry Professionals, Film Directors, and even Legends and Grammy Award Winners support his tracks. Production wise, he currently supports the slogan of “We Do Music For The Ears and Not For The Eyes!”, that’s why he focuses mainly on composing beautiful melodies that fit the ears of the audience from every generation… Fadi produces both: Music and Electronic Music, depends on the track genre/style, and always tries to put and play REAL music instruments in his tracks… Fadi is a true One-Love international artist who worked with many big artists from several Countries in many Art projects! He has a real international big fan base on Social Media, Internet resources, digital stores, radios, clubs, and still growing… To know more about him, and since his main site is currently under renovation, please visit his Facebook page. You can check out his info, bio, posts, and photo albums for Achievement Evidences, Singers, gigs samples, and more: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fadi-Awad/238539839502517

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