Dig Doug – songwriter, producer, experimental artist

schermata-2016-12-18-alle-00-39-49Doug Bryan started his musical beginnings at 12 years old. He was learning the guitar and quickly joined a band with schoolmates which they called Split Image. They played parties as well as school and community functions.  Shortly after that band disbanded he was asked to join a local band called Driphter which was a staple in the local Knoxville music scene at the time. After Driphter disbanded in 2003, Doug started songwriting and recording his own music. From 2007- 2009 Doug recorded and released a number of bedroom recording style rock songs under the pseudonym Droog Byron. In 2010 Doug used his experience of drum programing and recording to experiment with electronic music. in 2011 Doug played his first show as an electronic musician under the name Dig Doug and has since played sold out shows and summer festivals. Dig Doug collaborated with other EDM artists and producers and eventually with rappers and MC’s such as in The Organized Grime (TheOGMusic.com). Doug works with several other artists on projects and operates under the business and artist name Dig Doug Sounds.


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