LaRissa Vienna & the Strange


Influenced by David Bowie, Johnny Cash and Shirley Temple (with a tattoo on her shoulder to match), LaRissa Vienna is a force to be reckoned with. Her somber ghostly rock tunes will entrance you and leave chills down your spine. The melodic, story-telling guitar mixes perfectly with the melancholy tones of her voice. The bass stays loyal to the hard-hitting drums.

Despite the soothing rock tones, LaRissa Vienna’s live show is nothing short of energetic. Standing 4 feet 11 inches all, her fiery energy demands the attention of every soul in the audience.

“Mermaid”, Vienna’s first single from 2012, is a dark electronic song with hypnotic harmonies, accompanied by a morbid, dreamy music video. “Underwater”, the most recent release, blew her previous work out of the water:

LaRissa Vienna Wolff ~ Vocalist and Lyricist
Luke Wolff ~ Drummer Percussionist
Nick Workman ~ Guitar
Aaron Mendoza ~ Bass
Vanity Welch ~ Violin


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