Christine IX

foto_Chiara_altarisChristine IX at first was an Italian one girl band with a loopstation: Shotgun Babies’ frontwoman decided to share some tunes that she had hidden for years. Now she has a live band. After she released the first single, “Black Corolla”, she recorded an album, “Can I frame the blue?”, in which she played several instruments and her live musicians recorded too. She won a crowdfunding campaign on the Italian site Musicraiser, she reached 118% of her goal and so she could realize this work.

Christine IX is a “naïf”. Since 1999 she has been playing in several bands.
In 2007 she founded Shotgun Babies, they recorded an EP, two LPs, compilations and played all around Italy (theatres, pubs, streets, castles), from Lecce to Brescia, opening to famous underground artists such as Tides From Nebula, Giorgio Canali, Pierpaolo Capovilla, Il Santo Niente, Assalti Frontali, Aldo Tagliapietra (Le Orme).
Lydia Lunch, queen of no wave, featured in their latest album, “Private Games”.
Shotgun Babies appear in the book “Le ragazze del rock” IMG_2474(about italian rock girls).

Christine cooperated with the writer Loredana De Vitis and with the poet Gianluca
Conte, during literary and musical performances. She played on the words of Dante’s Inferno too. She creates music with Hate Inc.’s Vincenzo Pavese: Choke In Mirrors is their project, born between Rome and Lecce.




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