Stone Mob

STONE MOB- The best band you haven’t heard of…yet!   By Aaron Knight

Stone Mob are a band of incredibly talented musicians and they are proving it by playing some of the most original, totally awesome rock and roll there is.  And they do it with a bad boy smile.  Their songs are, above all else, fun.   They are also nearly impossible to pull off which means one thing:  This band has serious talent.

Singer Doug Masterson has a voice unlike any other.  He is a fantastic singer and that’s a good thing because he is in a band with one of the best guitar players in the game:  Blaine “Shred Master General” Kaltman.

Blaine’s skill on guitar is, in a word, ridiculous.  He plays at dizzying speeds with incredible accuracy.  His licks are incredibly fresh and inventive.  He has an assortment of difficult techniques- everything from skipping strings while tapping to tremolo picking to some that frankly don’t even have a name yet- and he manages to effortlessly move between them.  And he can do all of this while jumping around and smiling ear to ear almost as if to say “I know what my music does to you- now take this assault of shred!”  Check out Stone Mob’s live Murder Town video.  The sound quality isn’t wonderful but the performance is incredible.  Watching Blaine rip through a solo or trill, or leap in the air when hitting a crescendo reminds me of watching Bruce Lee.  You feel what he feels when his fingers fly down the fretboard to bend a string until it almost busts:  Pure power and ecstasy

The rhythm section led by drummer Andy Hamburger is equally astounding.  Whether it’s holding down a thunderous beat so that Blaine can rip loose or inserting a perfectly timed roll or fill- Andy’s chops are reminiscent of the great John Bonham- every bit as big and angry and wonderful to listen to.

This band has an ever growing following of loyal fans who recognize just how good they really are.  Get in on the ground floor and be able to say “I knew Stone Mob when only several thousands did”- because these guys are destined to take the world.

(guitar player, Blaine Kaltman, has been featured in Guitar World Magazine)

twitter: @stonemobrising
instagram: stonemobrock

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