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Active Wear is about to become fun to wear again thanks to FULL METAL FATIGUE! Look out for all of the new designs and be sure to order as soon this company goes public with their retail. STAY TUNED!!!

Interview by Tim Brown

Where did you first start your designing? I used to sketch clothing when I was younger, but once I joined the military I got a lot more serious with the designing because I wanted to create my brand.

Which famous clothing designers did you admire? Why? I always really liked what Pharrell did with adidas. The way I always looked at clothing was to take pieces from many companies and create my own style. I feel he is the closest to what I want my brand to do. The bold colors and the risk taking designs, but a very solid athletic wear.

Were you influenced by any old styles of fashion, and if so, which ones? To be honest most of my style is old school with a modern twist. I always thought the old Starter jackets were legendary. Coogi’s vibrant colors were dope, even Cross Colours. A mix of that style with a new school vibe is what makes “FMF”.

Who are your favorite designers within any genre of fashion? This is a tough question because I’m not to big on following a designer. I would have to say Ralph Lauren, Pharrell, Louis Vuitton, and I’ve always admired for sports gear Cliff Keens materials and comfort.

Have you been in any fashion competition? Prizes? No when I come out I will be a fresh face, not many if any know about me in the fashion industry yet.

How many models does the company expect to have? I can’t give an exact number, but I would say 10-20 models would be ideal. I want different body types and ethnicities because I want people to see how the clothing fits on different body types.

What makes active wear clothing good for you? I feel it depends on what your doing. If I’m working out, I want something tighter than if I would be out buying groceries. I think the key to active wear is the material, but to also know when to wear that clothing.

Why did you choose that line of fashion? This is probably the easiest question. I truly know what I want because I was a three sport athlete my whole life. I was in active wear most of my life. I know how I want my sweat pants to fit and its material. If I’m going to practice, I know what materials to wear. Different workouts may require a different type of design.

Describe your beginning designs in comparison to now. I wouldn’t say the designs of the clothing is much different, but I can say I’ve learned a lot more about materials which changed how I make my designs. I want people to look good, but also feel comfortable while making their lives healthier.

How do you feel about the fashion industry nowadays? In my opinion it lost its way a little bit. A lot of the newer styles just aren’t for me. With that being said, I’m kind of an old soul because I like the older style of fashion, and a lot of the newer styles and my financial means aren’t for me because they don’t take the same risks.

How do you feel about the internet with the fashion industry? The internet has impacted the industry good and bad. Good as in if you have a following on social media you can reach millions of people. So many people with followings have started selling clothing and with that being said, it saturates the market. So I feel like people who didn’t have a chance in the industry now have a way of getting there product out, but it’s a double edge sword.

What are your plans in the future? Of course turning FMF into a powerhouse for athletic wear. I would also want to do more than just clothing, eventually design shoes and products for weightlifting and sports. I really want my company to be known as the one that gives back to the community, truly giving opportunities to organizations who could really benefit from some help.

Can you briefly describe your clothing making process. I design what comes to mind, I can get inspiration from anywhere, and if I think I can make something look and feel great then I start to create it.



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