Alyssa Trahan

A little bit of sass and a whole lot of talent. Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (she plays over a dozen) and audio engineer Alyssa Trahan (pronounced uh-LIH-sa TRAY-han) is a young force to be reckoned with. She grew up in the small town of East Rochester, NY where she created a major buzz in her hometown and surrounding areas. In 2016, she made the move to Nashville, TN and has been making big waves in the music industry ever since. Her smooth vocals, clever songwriting, and impressive musicianship are quickly gaining her a dedicated fan base. You can see Alyssa playing hundreds of shows a year and sharing the stage with some of country music’s biggest names. Remember the name, Alyssa Trahan, because this is just the beginning.

The song: “Rocking Chair” by Alyssa Trahan is an honest and beautiful piece about anxiety and the fear of failure. Alyssa, who wrote this song by herself, flawlessly compares her fears and worries to going back and forth in a rocking chair; it’s something to do, but it doesn’t move you forward. The thoughtful lyrics are beautifully accompanied by layers of modern production sure to capture the listener and motivate them to take that next step they’ve been worrying about.

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