Andrée Basquiat

 Andrèe Basquiat is 23 and he was born in Italy! 

His music is a mix of different genres, cause he loves to listen different type of music always finding new inspirations, from soul to rock or pop music!
This song is a featuring with an artist from New York called Eulogio.
With this song we wanted to talk about ours point of view,
I believe that we live in a world suspended in the hands of people who play among themselves with those who own better penthouses, more expensive cars and higher estates; where the truth is who knows determines what is better.
We continue to live in our increasingly luxurious homes, living in the illusion that we are more free, unable to see the bars that make us prisoners, putting money in front of everything!
I believe that today the importance of a person is directly proportional to his bank account, the more money he has the more we believe he is powerful!
But I believe that greed is slowly wearing us down and by chasing money and power we are depriving ourselves of the really beautiful things in life. We are slowly letting it go of these beauties the more focused we become on enriching ourselves when in reality we should spend our money to buy beautiful experiences, not the other way around.


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