Art Dickerson

Texas singer/songwriter who writes and performs pop, rock, country, R & B and americana. Influences are The Beatles, Eagles, Sting, Elton John, Jason Isbell and the list goes on. New Album “Real” launched June 29th and is available on iTunes and most online stores. Tunecore featured “Real” as one of the best new albums of 2018 on their website.

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He writes in a country-folk style, more acoustic based and mellow than the Nashville commercial country you might hear from artists like Keith Urban. He’s very strong as a songwriter. The songs are distinct and don’t sound the same, retaining the unique identity of each. Dickerson has a lovely tenor voice, masculine but on the higher side like classic artists like Gene Pitney or Billy Joe Royal. The back insert lists nine tracks, but as cited on the inner booklet, there are 11. The very sweet “A Woman’s Touch” and the sadder “Beyond Repair” stood out to me. When I listened to “I Was Gonna Leave You,” I thought, “Now there’s one thing a man should NEVER admit to a woman! From the singing to the lovely country-tinged songs, this disc is a winner.

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