Ava Ismaiylova – film producer/director

Ava Ismaiylova, film producer/director who now does music videos, she is represented by the Broken Cage Studio – full service production company. Also, she becomes popular on Russian music videos market.

When and why did you start filmmaking?
I actually wanted to become a writer first, even worked as a journalist previously. I decided to direct and produce only because I feel that there are stories that I write that I want to tell visually myself. Let’s say it is just a different form of telling stories for me.

Which famous music videos directors do you admire? Why?
I love Beyoncé’s “Formation” and Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”, so it is Melina Matsoukas. I feel very inspired every time I watch her work. Music videos are different, but you can definitely see her signature in each of them. I believe more women should be supported in the industry and be appreciated for their professionalism and creativity.

For whom would you like to make a music video?
For me, it depends more on a song than it depends on the artist.

Have you been in any competitions?
I have done a music video recently that I am very proud of and I am planning to send it to major music videos festivals this year.

Why did you choose to do music videos, I know you usually produce/direct movies.
I love doing movies, but music videos help me to express my quirky ideas, especially that I love montage.

Let’s Talk about your last work…
I got signed with the Broken Cage Studio and produced a music video for Danny Worsnop, British musician, singer, and songwriter. He was prominently known as the lead vocalist of rock bands Asking Alexandria and We Are Harlot. We did a music video for his song “Little Did I know”.
I also directed/produced a music videos for a Russian singer, Kirill Moyton, for songs “On the Radio” and “In Parts”. He is super talented, and it was a case when I first fell in love with the song “In Parts” and then contacted the artist myself. When we agreed on the first music video he offered to do one more on the song “On the Radio”.

Could you briefly describe how do you come up with ideas for music videos?
First of all, it is super important to do your research on the artist, that is what I always ask directors when we produce music videos. You need to know who is in front of you, what this person wants to tell his listeners, how did he get inspired to write this song. After the research ideas just start to come up and then I assess if it is suitable in terms of the mood of the song, artist vision and, most importantly – budget. It is always different, 2 most important features that should never change – research and budget.

What are the plans for the future?
Well, more music videos for artist of different genres, more collaborations with amazing music video directors, producers.



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