We hear you are going into the studio in LA soon with Multi Platinum producer Warren Huart. Tell us about it and have you recorded in LA before?
“If you build it, they will come” It feels like it was yesterday that I was recording vocals into a wire-bent hanger covered in someone-elses pantyhoes, and now we are here. YES!! I am going to record with Warren, I cannot wait to record with him, bring the sound of fire, soul and perfect balance of how magic used to be heard through true rock and roll. Im actually really excited to record in LA, definitely very grateful, very grateful indeed.

How long have you lived in NYC and what is the live music scene like there?
The first time I came to the city was back in 2010, I fell in love with it as fast as I fell in love with the guitar. The scene is great! It’s always evolving, changing in ways, adapting to the weather, adapting to how your soul feels. The most beautiful thing about new yorks rock and roll scene, is , even though some venues are closing, you can still go out, and bring your guitar, and you will end up exactly where you are supposed to be, at exactly the right time.

Having toured the country, where have been your favorite places and regions of the US to play?
I Love LOVE Chicago! Such a beautiful city, such an organic music scene, i love playing festivals in the Carolinas, the people really feel your music. I remember playing in Atlanta, I was lost going to the venue, and the taxi driver gave me a ride for free!

Heart Attacks and Southern Roses is a great record. What were your inspirations for the music on the record?
Theres many things I can say about what those songs mean, If you listen, the story between each song is tied together, a sequence, a meaning for love.

Your new video is very artistic. Tell us about the production and where was it shot?
Thank you!!! My friend Leopard and I woke up one morning at 6 am, and had a morning meeting about shooting a music video.
We A. had a budget of no money, and B. did not have a crew. She casted some of her dancer colleagues from new york, we spent 5 hours figuring out how to turn my loft into a Black Box Theater, we bought $150 worth of duvetyne, and proceeded to paint my almost entire apartment black. I had the shot list i wanted, we filmed it over the course of 8 hours with a very helpful DP, Leopard edited most of it, and we made a beautiful magical art baby. Im super proud. like SUPER PROUD

Is Babyllon a nickname?
Babyllon is the realization that even though we speak many languages there is one language that ties us together, which is Music. Babyllon is a nick name, Sundays in Babylon. More on that later.

Where can we buy your music?
Anywhere downloadable content is available,

8. Thanks and please share anything else you would like with our readers.
No thank you, if you need to find out what we are doing were on
Instagram @ ListenToBabyllon

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