Baron and Fee

As the London Underground Dance scene progressed towards the end of 1995 he branched out into the Garage & House genre where he teamed up again this time with DJ Baron (Paul Cartwright) to host a popular Sunday afternoon radio show on Passion FM.

You could also catch DJ Fee  working in Planet Phat Records where he & DJ Baron soon became popular points of contacts for London Soundboys, DJ’s & Artists to showcase new demos & productions. This developed into a fulltime A&R role & he went on to sign tracks for a number of  prolific Record Companies & Record labels & is the owner of PointBlank Records which have seen releases from The Wideboys , Groove Chronicles, dj $KI ,M J Cole & Ramsey & Fen.

Baron & Fee were largely responsible for the crossover success of DJ Luck & MC Neat’s classic chart hit “ A little bit of luck “

The artists were signed to Red Rose Recordings a new label at the time which was originally a creative vision of DJ Baron. Fee worked as  A & R for Red Rose Recordings & the label continued to have other chart successes as UK Garage became mainstream.

After a 2 year period DJ Fee left Red Rose Recordings after 4 Top Ten chart hit successes & 2 co.


Q: Hello & How are you doing

Fee (RUSSELL) Hello mate, im doing good thanks (Smiles)
Baron (PAUL) Oi Oi all good & how are you ?


Q: Why not start by telling us Where you are from:

A:Baron (PAUL) Who Me (Laughs) I’m from East London – Hackney ..booo..!
A:Fee (RUSSELL) (Laughing ) Yeah hello, im originally from North London – Enfield


Q: Where did you guys meet:

A:Baron (PAUL) Well it was a long time ago but we met on a well known london pirate radio station in the early 90’s during the Jungle/Hardcore days.
A:Fee (RUSSELL) I cant argue with that but yep thats right if Paul says so i can’t remember to be honest hahaha


Q: That must have been an exciting and interesting time are there any memorable moments you would like to share with us from those days:

A:Baron (PAUL) I will never forget the time the Radio station was raided as i was on air & i threw my records out of the window to my driver waiting below & walked out without being arrested by pretending to be a neighbour complaining about the loud musi
A:Fee (RUSSELL) Having my 20th Birthday party in the studio broadcast live on air to london & the surrounding counties is definately a memorable moment & also views of the london skyline from the roof top of tower block is unforgetable.


Q: So i guess at that time then UK Garage was in it’s infancy & a developing sound. What made you switch ?:

A:Fee (RUSSELL) So personally for me i didn’t like the direction the jungle scene was heading mostly due to the music becoming very repetitive but also the violence and the unsociable crowds at events were becoming more frequent at that time this probably lead me to explore different avenues .
A:Baron (PAUL) Alot of producers i knew were experimenting with a new sound which we now know as Uk Garage i instantly took a liking to this then my natural curiosity lead the way.I also found the Garage crowd/scene more friendly & the atmosphere in the clubs more genuine & it was a chance for myself & FEE (RUSSELL) to team up together to present a popular show on Radio.


Q: OK then, how did you start working in the record industry itself ?

A:Baron (PAUL) By this time We had already been Dj partners for a few years on Various pirate radio stations playing UK Garage, i was given the opportunity to work for a small vinyl record distribution company based in East London as an A&R man & things just kind of developed from there.
A:Fee (RUSSELL) I started working at a record shop in North London & whilst i was busy selling vinyl, Paul was bringing it in & signing artists. I then went on to develop this into a fulltime A&R role also.


Q: As DJ’s & A&R talent scouts for various record labels & distribution companies you boys must have a good ear for music. What tracks did you sign & were involved in helping gain chart success ?

A:Fee (RUSSELL) Well we were signing artists and singles from the underground Garage scene which we were seeing good sales through distribution and a number of them fortunately had chart success , tracks like Monsta Boy “Sorry”, Edcase & Shelly Nelson “Something in your Eyes” & Jhay Palmer & David Howard’s “Hello” Scott & Leon’s “Shine On” amongst others charted in the Top 30
A:Baron (PAUL) Yes & some of the even more well known successful artists such as Dj Luck & Mc Neat “A Little Bit of Luck” and The Architect’s Body Groove” plus Wiley’s Phase One Nicoles Groove come to mind & they all charted in the Top Ten.


Q: That leads me to ask you what is keeping you busy at present & what are your plans for the future lads ?

Baron (PAUL) We are Currently working on promoting MUUSIC.DIGITAL & MUUSIC MEDIA with music promotion & digital distribution capabilities but which is essentially a DJ Digital Network incorporating MUUSIC.FM a 24/7 radio station & MUUSIC.TV where we live streaming events from clubs around the globe.
We are in the process of launching a whitepaper for the MUUSIC COIN a cryptocurrency which we already have support from big name DJ’s such as Roger Sanchez & Todd Terry who are ready to endorse the cryptocurrency. It has been very challenging navigating the new Technology such as the Blockchain etc.


Q: Are there anymore Baron & Fee Radio shows planned or in the pipeline. ?

A:Fee (Russell) Yes Watch out for MUUSIC.FM POP UP RADIO which we will be doing in a Spontaneously “Flash Mob style” and could becoming to a town near you at any moment..!
A:Baron (PAUL) Ha Ha Ha yes so if you see a bunch of shady looking characters armed with a sound system bundling out of the back of a truck it may be us.


Q: Lastly guys how do i get a crossover chart hit ?

Baron (PAUL) Laughs – Hmmm Lots of hard graft mate.!
Fee (RUSSELL) Err i dunno ask Paul ! hahahah with lots of perseverence, late nights & belief in your product but having a good tune does help.

Well Guys i must say it’s been a pleasure to speak with you & thanks for your time, we wish you the best of luck with your future projects.
In true pirate radio style would you like to give any Shouts to anyone

Fee (Russell) Yes out to : Mrs Fee & Mitch, Yaaboi Heidi, Chamberlain, D-Boy & Lil Klara & all @ POINTBLANK HQ & MUUSIC.FM
Baron (PAUL) Big hello to Danielle & Ruby n Mya , Roger Nell & Julian & all @ MUUSIC.FM



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