Black Widow

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Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Black Widow brings a new flavor and dimension to music by lacing hip hop beats with ethnic influences and a hypnotizing sound according to a Hostile Magazine interview.
Sometimes humorous, sometimes very serious, passionate and sensitive, Black Widow holds her mirror to representing herself and continuing to grow among her peers. Musical influences vary from old and new school hip hop to a wide variety of both Eastern, Mid West and Western music. Her single “Freaky Side” ft. Lil Zane and Zaiah is doing very well and afforded Black Widow the opportunity to rip shows all over Indiana, Atlanta & Los Angeles. Black Widow has also worked with Linque (X-Clan), Rodney Perry, Marvaless, E-A-Ski, Curtis Young, Rick Ross, as well as some new calaborations she is putting together.
Label Big Jake Entertainment which embodies models and artists. The latest project was putting together a mixtape hosted by Black Widow and Freeway Rick Ross. Entitled “From the Freeway to Fort Wayne & In between Mixtape” showcasing Indiana and Midwest artists. Now adding the finishing touches on her new project “The Appetizer” you will certainly continue to hear about this amazing talent on a international platform soon.

Inteview by Tim Brown

1-Lets talk about your upcoming project The Appetizer, what makes it different from current projects? I’m glad you asked that. It’s something that the hard-working average person can relate to. It’s real music, something you can feel. Music with substance, hope, issues and topics. Grown music.

2- Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones? Yes, of course. That’s my era. Good old fashion music back when you lit up when you heard it. You felt it. I was influenced by artists like Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliott, Brotha Lynch Hung, Mr. Mike, Lil Kim, Kris Kross, Millie Jackson and the list goes on and on.

3- What makes this kind of music “good” to you? It was an actual skill. Not just mumbo jumbo gibberish. You could relate to what the artist was saying. Not just showing off your prize possessions and talking I mean mumbling about nothing that doesn’t even matter.

4-Why did you choose to record this kind of music? Simply put, its just who I am. Anything else would not be me. I still love making music with a passion.

5- Let’s Talk about your music and your last work. Well, I must say its been awhile since I’ve done a solo project. I’m a risk taker and I like doing different things. I took a long break from music and started working with actors/models managing them. As well as getting to know myself more as an artist and soul searching. Lyrical Intrapment was my first project. Still a classic in my book. I want people to feel where I’m coming from. Encourage and give people hope. Make them feel good when their having a bad day or when life is getting the best of them.

6- How do you feel about the internet in the music business? It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s one thing to be internet famous and another to be recognized in public. I don’t want to be that artist that has thousands of views and likes but can’t sell out a venue. I’m old fashioned I still want that good old street promo. Face to face action. Which I believe is what’s lacking today. Now, if you know how to market yourself online or get a company that can help you with that then the internet is great. I think it’s a catch 22 but, really opened people’s eyes to indie artists.

7- How has your music evolved since you first began recording music? Honestly, I don’t think it changed much. I’ve always had a mature kind of sound. I was rawer with my lyrics back then. Its still there but even a more mature sound now. I still love making music that makes you think and feel a certain way. A lot of artists make music for today and not tomorrow. I want my music playing forever.

8-Could you briefly describe the music-making process? It is a process I can tell you. It’s never 100% finished. All you can do as an artist is to come as close as possible. I like to work with real producers that’s where I start choosing and making track selections. Then writing, sometimes I write before I have the music. I love working with different artists. Sometimes it takes another artist to come in and record my hooks. Some artists today think they can do it all. Sometimes it takes a different kind of flavor to add to your track. I’m an artist that know I can’t do it all. Then recording is the next step. Then mixing, making sure all the sounds are blended well. Mixing to me is the longest process. The final step is mastering, making sure the levels are right and the sound not peaking or distorted. Making sure it plays on all platforms. Now keep in mind I’m not an engineer lol but that’s the basics.

9-What are your plans for the future? I want to get my label Big Jake Entertainment going and work with artists. Also, some acting and modeling for myself and get Widow Management back up and running. Also, hosting and public speaking. I say these things now, but who knows what God has in store for me. Whatever that might be I will embrace it till the end.

Its been a pleasure talking with you. I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with us. We look forward to the release of your project The Appetizer. Thank you very much for having me. I want to thank you as well. I’m very honored.

Instagram: @thablackwidow
Snapchat: @officialwidow
Twitter: @onlyblackwidow

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