Brendan Friel – Life Is Not A Game

Life Is Not A Game

Life Is Not A Game is a new song I had written and recorded and how I managed to write this song is I had written down some lyrics before I went to sleep one night and then a few days later I decided to try and come up with some melodies and some ideas. I wanted the song to be quite unique so I tried using different chords on the guitar to the normal standard chords that would be used, which even then my guitar playing is still nowhere near up to scratch to be fair. The chords are open chords all the way through.

The song goes in to an emotional depth in to feelings around reality, dreams and current circumstances, which may seem quite dark in the type of emotions expressed in the track and in the nature of the vocals and words used in the track, besides all this I feel I have left a positive and motivational outlook on the last verse for example the lyrics ”

I wanna fly to some random city
where the atmosphere don’t smell like failure
for these past few years ive been failing
fly to where my life don’t seem it’s derailing from the tracks
but I’ll be back once again
once I find some happiness
I’ll bring it back home with the dream I’m looking for

on the last three lines I feel I have left a positive and motivational outlook as to say I’m feeling these sad feelings now but in the end I will be back a stronger, wiser and happier person. and in that sense I feel that although the song has a dark and emotional melody, story, viewpoint and atmosphere to it, I have left a positive and motivational outlook in the song and in that viewpoint may change your perception of the song than listening to the song without that viewpoint.

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